Golden round pipe catafalque

Golden round pipe catafalque


Originally a small wooden platform on which the coffer was laid while the religious rite was performed, the catafalque retains this function in its progressive evolution that today has led it to a high degree of refinement in all details and to an ever easier handling and practicality. Hence the choice to provide a line of catafalques equipped with a functional battery lighting system. Electroplating finish, transparent protective varnish. Drawn iron round pipe Ø 30 x 1.5. Brass torch holder.

Supplied: Adjustable rubber feet. Removable crosses and Pax. Four plastic flames Ø 60

Accessories on request: Nylon case 840. Swivel wheels Ø 60 with or without brake. Flames in transparent or satin glass Ø 60.

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